People call me souNReAL on the webs. Movies are awesome. im almost 30. i live with my mom and occasionally make shiny things (like GIFs) from movies. I also try to Find the coolest and classic film treasures from other wonderful users of internet. Yes I do GIF requests when time allows.

Twitter (I never check it, sorry) @thedawniscoming Best way to contact me is to send me an ask....

My Youtube where I share movies trailers until multi-billion dollar corporations decide that is no longer appropriate: [MoviesDoS] on YT

Some (not all) Favorite Movies x Things for 2012: Avengers - Batman - Spiderman - Ted (2012)

Some (not all) of my favorite Movies x Etc: Inception - The Matrix - LOST (2004-2010) - Heroes (2006-2010) - Transformers (Movies) - The Social Network (2010) - Pulp Fiction - Disney Films x Pics - Gaming - Comics (All Publishers) - Other Movie GIFs

Other Sites Im Involved With: [DoS] Off-Topic/Funny GIFs - Safe For Work Celebrity Pics